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黑板上-ready 言论自由 curriculum packet available

The Office of Instructional Resources has partnered with other university offices to create freedom of expression curriculum packet available for use in any 黑板上 课程. The curriculum is entirely customizable and can be fit to different class 需要.



University Values on Freedom of Thought, Speech and Expression

威奇托 State University is committed to preserving and supporting freedom of thought, 我们校园里的言论和表达. 我们努力确保所有的成员 University community have the greatest possible latitude to speak, write, listen, 挑战,学习,这是法律允许的. 亚博体育完全尊重和 supports the freedom of all members of our University community – students, faculty, staff, alumni, donors, campus partners, and friends – to discuss any problem or issue 它自己出现了.

It is inevitable that the views and ideas of our community will conflict. 我们承诺 to maintaining an environment that is a marketplace of ideas to the benefit of all individuals, where freely exchanging ideas is not compromised because the ideas are to some offensive, unwise, disagreeable, too conservative, too liberal, too traditional, 激进的,或者是错误的. 它是为了我们大学社区的每个成员, not for the University as an institution, to make value judgments, and to act on those judgments not by seeking to suppress speech, but by openly and vigorously contesting 他们反对的观点.

Rather, our University, as an institution that prepares and educates individuals to become the thoughtful and ethical leaders of tomorrow, is the arena where debate, differing ideas, and difficult conversations are encouraged and deserve consideration 和保护.

这些原则承载着责任. 我们每个人都有责任 and duty to engage in and promote inclusivity, civility, and mutual respect. 虽然 deference to these values can never be used as a justification for closing off discussion of ideas – no matter how offensive or disagreeable those ideas may be to some – it is incumbent upon everyone to engage in civil and respectful dialogue and to resist 旨在压制思想自由表达的言论.

The freedom to debate and discuss the merits of competing ideas does not come without 一些限制. These restrictions are not to diminish the free and open exchange of opinions, criticism and positions (even unpopular ones that may be morally questionable), but rather to protect the safety, privacy, and preservation of fundamental rights of all individuals and the functioning of the University as an instrument of education.

我们意识到,这是一种平衡,有时也是一种挑战. 这对我们个人来说很容易 to become so invested in our convictions, beliefs, and thoughts that we lose sight 我们的同事和朋友的不同观点. 但是言论自由 表达-不是关于是否正确. 这并不是说要成为最响亮的声音 这个房间. It is about understanding and respecting that those with differing convictions, 信仰、思想和言论都有被倾听的权利. 这不仅适用于我们 as individuals, but as an institution, a community and, a society. 我们所有人 especially the University, must respect and protect this fundamental right.

We recognize that we may falter at times, but make no mistake that we are committed to continuing, and forever looking for ways to improve, the support and preservation of a lively and fearless freedom of debate and deliberation while protecting that 当别人试图限制它时的自由.



The 言论自由工作组 convened in 2019 for the primary purpose of reviewing the University’s policies, procedures and practices as it relates free speech and 校园表达活动.




For much of its 125-year history, this institution and its forerunners have sought to foster an open, safe environment where students experience a diversity of speech, 思想与表达.




On January 12, 2021, 威奇托 State University adopted a resolution concerning free 大学里的言论、言论自由和学术研究.


罗伯特·盖茨,美国.S. 2006-2011年国防部长

克雷格·W. 巴顿系列演讲者:罗伯特。米. 盖茨

罗伯特。米. 盖茨,你.S. 2006-2011年担任国防部长,前国防部长 美国中央情报局,发起了亚博体育的首届克雷格W. 巴顿系列音箱.

盖茨 was the featured speaker in the moderated discussion April 27, in WSU’s Wiedemann 大厅.



Exploring the full spectrum of political and intellectual thought

Russian President Boris Yeltsin shakes hands with students at 威奇托 State during a 1992 appearance

从俄罗斯总统叶利钦到前美国总统.S. 司法部长比尔·巴尔,威奇托 State hosts appearances from public figures who span the political spectrum. 我们仍 committed to an environment that acts as a marketplace of ideas to provoke healthy 为所有人的利益而辩论.

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我是Bill Barr


On Wednesday, March 31, 2021 威奇托 State University hosted a virtual educational 关于公立大学言论自由状况的小组.



通过与国家非营利组织StoryCorps的合作, 亚博体育的公共电台 KMUW-FM is inviting residents to have a conversation with another member of our community who you might not otherwise have a chance to talk with and with whom you might even 在政治上不同意.

It's part of 一小步, a nationwide project launched by StoryCorps to break down boundaries created by the difficult time in America right now. KMUW是其中之一 six stations across the United States chosen to lead in the initiative.

This nation will survive, this state will prosper, the orderly business of life will go forward if only men can speak in whatever way given them to utter what their hearts 通过语音、邮寄卡片、信件或按下按钮. 理性从来没有使人失望过. 只有武力和压迫,才会造成世界上的残骸.